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Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fans


The Number One Choice for Grow Room Ventilation

The German Engineered Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fan is the next leap forward in grow room technology, the fan has specially designed impellers and guide vanes producing maximum power and performance, this design causes air flow to be streamed more efficiently, producing a perfectly straight line which in turn reduces noise in the attatched ducting by lowering friction against the duct sidewall.

This powerful straight air flow helps the fan maintain power when connected to a carbon filter or ducting with bends or long length- Far less power loss than many rival models.

The Revolution Vector EC is powered by an electronically commutated motor (EC), this means that the fan uses both A/C and D/C voltages this makes the fan extremely efficient and easy to control. The brushless motor gives little noise and zero humming noise when running at lower speeds using a fan controller.

A great feature of the Revolution Vector EC Fan is that growers can maintain full and precise control of the grow room environment as the fan steps speed up and down from 1% to 100% this will help maintain a more constant and even environment that will benefit plant growth leading to increased yields.

The Vector is housed in a one-piece shell that makes it a tough unit, it also stops air flow leaks that would normally cause a power loss, the housing has anti-vibration mounting clips that will stop vibration being transferred to attached ducting