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Dimlux Lighting

Dimlux Lighting


With the look and feel of these all-in-one lighting systems from DimLux you can tell that something special awaits your plants. Designed and manufactured in Holland to impeccably high standards, the sleek and stylish gold casing and blindingly shiny reflector are clearly visible indicators of the sensational quality on offer and the truly outstanding performance capabilities.

The DimLux Expert Series is the most advanced and complete lighting system on the market. DimLux combines the best of two worlds: The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector in combination with the Xtreme ballast and 400V Full Spectrum Lamp, is a complete fixture with the highest level of reflector efficiency and light output yet available. As much as 39% more light than certain leading brands!

With DimLux lighting, plants get a cleaner, more powerful light which operates at cooler temperatures. Coupled with the Maxi Controller and other available sensors, Dimlux provides unparalleled control and efficiency. Understanding that environment is equally, if not more important than light output, DimLux technology allows you to control your room given ambient and leaf surface temperature, as well as humidity. This is known by knowing your VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit).

The result is optimal control and maximum performance!