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nano10⁻⁹ | Nano 10-9

nano10⁻⁹ | Nano 10-9

what are nanoparticles?

nano.10⁻⁹ is the first complete nutrient range engineered with patented nanoparticles.

Nanoparticles are 3000x smaller than normal nutrient particles.

The unique delivery of nanoparticles promotes healthier growth and improves yields.

These properties have revolutionised many other industries, from space travel to cutting-edge medicine.

why use nano.10-9?

efficient uptake

Natural amino acid chelation requires less energy for nutrient uptake, leaving more energy for the plant to grow and bloom.

pest protection

Nano silica thickens cell walls, preventing pests from attacking your plant while also increasing the plant's defenses against disease.

harvest more energy from light

Nano iron increases chlorophyll production, which directly improves the plant's ability to use light as energy.

support heavier yields

Nano silica increases stem strength and size, allowing your plants to support heavier fruits for bigger yields.