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Mills Nutrients - Start R


Mills Start R is an organic and complex nutrient, which guarantees high yield harvests. Its ingredients comprising natural minerals, 2 forms of Nitrogen, L-amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, and root enhancers promote plants' healthy growth and rich root development. These ingredients are designed to guarantee optimal synthesis and strengthen your plants' internal structure. Also, the bio-stimulant enhances plants' vitality and promotes abundant branching. Your plants will get the support needed to reach full growth potential.

General Information

  • Mills Start is a base nutrient comprising essential minerals, kelp, cold-pressed seaweed, humic and fulvic acids, and 2 forms of Nitrogen;
  • The fertilizer is suitable to use when growing plants in recirculating hydroponics, run to waste hydroponic systems, and organic soil;
  • Growers use this Mills fertilizer during the vegetative and early bloom stages. 


  • Strong and fast root system development;
  • Easily absorbed by plants;
  • A huge boost in Nitrogen levels;
  • Ensures plants' vitality and enhances their internal structure;
  • Improves the media structure and facilitates easy nutrient uptake;
  • Helps plants' recover from shock and stress caused by transportation or transplant;
  • Guarantees high-level harvest yields.

The Science

Start is a high-grade organic fertilizer, which comprises a blend of strong ingredients to support strong plant growth and achieve high harvests. Use this Mills fertilizer throughout the entire growing cycle and the early flowering stages. The boost of Nitrogen ensures powerful blooming and tasty fruits. What's more, the product guarantees excellent protein synthesis, which supports the development of your plants' root system and internal structure.

The fertilizer comprises high levels of Nitrogen, respectively 2.6 % Nitrate Nitrogen and 2.6 % from Ammoniacal Nitrogen, and ingredients that contain healthy proteins. Start strengthens the plants' cell walls and ensures a strong structure for growth.

How to Use

Growers use Start in different dosages depending on the plants' growing stage. During the early weeks of the vegetative stage, use 2 ml/ L of water for cuttings or seedlings. Decrease the dosage to 1ml/ L until the 2nd week of bloom. 

Best Practices

Start is a user-friendly product, which you can simply mix into your water tank and adjust the pH accordingly. Make sure you keep the pH level between 5.6 and 6.2 if you're growing plants in clay pebbles, coco, Rockwool or other hydroponic systems.

When mixing the nutrient into your water tank, maintain the pH level towards the lower end of the scale. It will naturally rise. But when you're growing in organic soil, you don't need to adjust the pH. Nevertheless, if you prefer to adjust the pH level, keep it between 6 and 7. Again, it will naturally rise over time.

Store the fertilizer in a dark, cool, and protected place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures and out of the reach of children. Avoid breathing in and ingesting the product as it can be harmful.