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IWS Inner Pot - Aqua/Culture/Punched


The 3 styles of IWS Inner Pot

The IWS Inner Pot is available in 3 styles and sits inside the IWS Outer Pot which then forms part of an IWS System. The 3 different styles of inner pot each have their own characteristics which make them suitable to certain type of grow medium.

IWS Aqua Pot 6.5L

The IWS Aqua Pot is basically a mesh pot with drainage holes covering 90% of its surface and is best used with free draining mediums with low water retention, such as clay pebbles.

IWS Culture Pot 6.5L

The IWS Culture Pot has mostly solid side which make it perfect for use with fine growing mediums such as coco or pebble mix, the IWS Culture Pot is designed to stop any of the medium entering the brain pot, effectively reducing the risk of blockage to the flood and drain system.

IWS Punched Pot 10.5L

The punched pot completely fills the space inside your IWS outer pot which when filled with grow medium effectivly reduces the volume of water needed to flood the outer pot, this is especially usefull on larger systems. The punched pot and can be used with any growing medium to form part of a complete watering system.