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Hydrotops - Head Start

  • Formulated specifically for young plants.
  • Balanced bioponic nutrient - concentrated solution.
  • Encourages strong roots, compact branching and rapid growth.
  • Smooth and stress-free transition from propagator

    The Head Start formula by Hydrotops has been developed to contain all the nutrients needed for young plants; seedlings and cuttings alike. During this primary stage of development, your crop’s potential yield is decided based on the structure created above and below the ground – setting the stage for later growth. The nutritional profile supplied has a key role in early development, it is imperative that your prize plants receive all the nutrition they need to grow and flourish in the early stages of growth.

    Hydrotops created a stand-alone nutrient for young plants because as a plant matures, it has drastically different nutritional needs throughout its life cycle. Grow nutrients have the wrong ratio of major elements and is lacking in many micronutrients for young plants.

  • Use of head start facilitates the early stages much more effectively than grow nutrients but grow nutrients are more effective during vegetative growth, once your plants are out of propagation.