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Hydrotops Flush

  • Specifically designed for use just before harvest.
  • Helps remove harsh compounds from your fruit and flowers.
  • Fully organic finishing product.
  • Improves flavours, taste and smell.
  • Can be used in a range of substrates.
  • Available as soft & hard water variants.

When you’re approaching the end of the flowering and fruiting phases of your plant’s lifecycle, the nutrient intake slows down dramatically even through there are considerable amounts of nutrient reserves left in the medium and plant structures, including leaves, fruit, flowers & sap. This is the plant showing you that its ripening and almost ready to harvest.

When nutrient reserves are not completely depleted before harvesting the final crop, it can impart a slightly metallic and intensely bitter taste from the left-over nutrients. Hydrotops Flush ensures the correct balance of enzymes, organic plant hormones and catalysts are supplied to the plant that aid in ‘flushing’.

Flushing is the process of removing excess nutrients from the medium which forces the plant to use up its remaining stored resources, creating a cleaner product. The use of Hydrotops Flush is incredibly important in the quality and taste of your harvest. It has been compared in importance to using a PK booster to increase flowering and fruiting yield.

Head Start is available as a hard and soft water variant to suite your water source. Most of the tap water in England is hard, while Scotland, wales cornwall and the north-west have a soft-water source. The soft water nutrient has been developed to include more magnesium and calcium than the hard water type to account for lower baseline levels. If you’re using a reverse osmosis filter, use the soft water variant.