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Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen Oxy-Plus


Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen

Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen is hydrogen peroxide (H202) and is used to oxygenate water and will provide extra oxygen to roots while also destroying root disease. Liquid Oxygen breaks down to form water (H20) and Oxygen (O) the extra Oxygen atoms join creating a sterile oxygen rich environment for roots to thrive. Liquid Oxygen is perfect for killing pathogens and disease, but will also kill friendly bacteria often used in organic gardening.

Note – Liquid Oxygen is an aggressive liquid and should not be mixed with water or any other product while in their concentrated form. Care should be taken when using aggressive liquids and you should always wear suitable protective clothing and keep out of the reach of children at all times.

Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen feed rate – 1ml /Litre in Growth and Bloom.