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Flexi-Tray Flexible Tray - Deep


Flexi-tray – Flexible Work Tray

A busy grow room can get messy quickly, for this reason, we suggest that you place a waterproof flexi-tray on the floor of your grow room. We have a range of sizes and types to suit all grow rooms. An innovative solution for grow rooms with restricted access points, these flexible trays fold to a quarter of their size and can fit where other trays can’t go.

The Flexi-tray can be used as a nutrient catchment tray or simply to keep workspaces clean, more often than not growers use Flexi-trays to replace a number of individual saucers when hand feeding plants.

Flexi-Trays are handy versatile and durable trays, manufactured in the UK, ensuring high quality.

Available in 80cm, 1m and 1.2m wide x 10cm deep square sizes, they are an ideal fit for the most popular sizes of grow tents.

Note - To save on postage costs, these trays will be folded up to a quarter of their size - Don’t worry though, they soon spring back to shape.