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CX Horticulture - Mighty Growth Enhancer


CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer is a top-quality booster, made for the vegetative and early blooming periods. It delivers a sustained release of Nitrogen to prevent any deficiencies in this element. It's the new branded name for Essential Nitro, but includes the same formula. The additive is made for hydroponic systems, coco and soil substrates. The product increases the growth of your plants' leaves, improves light interception and use. The formula also promotes the production of carbohydrates and proteins. During the vegetative stage, Mighty Growth Enhancer strengthens your plants and increases their vigour. Professional growers add Mighty Growth Enhancer to their crops to achieve top-quality, high performance and increased harvest yields.

General Information

  • The product is a strong additive;
  • Mighty Growth Enhancer comprises increased levels of Nitrogen. The NPK ratio stands at 1-0-0;
  • The formula is made for the vegetative and early blooming phases;
  • It's suitable for hydroponic systems, coco and soil substrates.


  • The additive has an increased level of solubility;
  • Plants can easily absorb Mighty Growth Enhancer;
  • It makes your plants' leaves healthier and greener;
  • Accelerates growth;
  • Encourages the production of proteins and carbohydrates;
  • Sets a strong foundation for flowering;
  • Suitable for use with other CX Horticulture nutrients, additives, and boosters.

The Science

Generally, plants use Nitrogen faster than other nutrients. This results in an imbalance in the feed solution in your water tank or water container. And your plants may suffer from Nitrogen deficiencies. Plants' leaves may turn pale and grow slower or even stagnate. Growers use Mighty Growth Enhancer because it delivers a constant release of Nitrogen to guarantee that plants don't suffer from deficiencies. A constant and steady availability of Nitrogen leads to greener and richer crops.

How to Use

Use Mighty Growth Enhancer at the recommended rate of 1 ml/L. Add the formula to your feed solution to achieve top-quality and high harvest yields.

Best Practices

CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer is a premium additive, made for the vegetative and early blooming stages. Add the supplement to your water reservoir or water container and mix it well. First, you must add all your nutrients and chase them with Mighty Growth Enhancer and other boosters. Once you've mixed in all the nutrients and supplements, adjust the level of the pH. If you're growing plants in hydroponic systems, you must adjust the pH between 5.6 and 6.2. Keep the pH towards the lower end of the scale, as it will rise once you've mixed in the nutrients and supplements. In case you're growing crops in soil, you shouldn't regulate the level of the pH. In case you want to adjust the pH, maintain it between 6 and 7. Again, because the pH will increase naturally over time, you must maintain it towards the lower values. Store the product in a dark and safe place and keep it away from extreme temperatures. Make sure that you wear protective gloves when you're handling Mighty Growth Enhancer. Avoid contact with your eyes or your skin. In case of contact, you must rinse the product off immediately.