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BioBav Problem Solver


BioBav contains a mix of organic minerals, beneficial bacteria and important trace elements. Making it a superior plant upgrader and medium conditioner: Weak plants become strong and healthy again; Yellowed plants become beautiful, strong and green again; Hard soil becomes soft and clean.

- The beneficial bacteria promotes more root growth and a stronger root system.

- The organic macro and micro minerals provide a high dose of nutrient so the plant gets reinvigorated and becomes healthy again.

- The water absorption capacity of the soil is improved; the soil can be utilised better.

- The physical structure of the soil is reorganised and upgraded thanks to the many organic minerals. Plants develop better and the yield is greater.

- The micro and macro elements in the soil and roots benefit from a non-complex form of enzymes.

- The micro-organisms increase the useful nutrient content and improve its uptake by the plant.

- The key ingredients dissolve and turn into potassium salt, making the plant ready for growth.

- Enhances flavour and taste, and extends the life of the plant.

- Regulates the pH-value and geothermic heat.

- The need for chemical fertilizers is decreased.

For best results, use BioBav as follows:

As a Problem solver (stressed plant):

5ml/L once per week until plants have recovered


- 1st week of veg - 1 dose of 2,5ml/L

- 1st week of flower - 1 dose of 5ml/L

- 3rd week of flower - 1 dose of 5ml/L

Recirculating systems:

- 1st week of Veg - 1 dose of 1,25ml/L

- 1st week of flower - 1 dose of 2,5ml/L

- 3rd week of flower - 1 dose of 2,5ml/L

As leafspray:

- Mix 2,5ml/L and spray the leaves with lights off

For motherplants:

- Water once a week at 1 dose of 2,5ml/L

For cuttings:

- Water once a week at 2,5ml/L

Warning: don’t give BioBav together with products that kill bacteria (example: hydrogen peroxide)