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The RAM Dehumidifier will remove up to 20L of water a day from an indoor environment. It can be set to dry out an area, reach and stay at a set target humidity or be put onto a timer, with an easy-to-use electronic setting screen. It also features an optional Quiet Mode which dims the screen and uses the quietest fan setting, as well as a chill-lock to avoid tampering. Condensed water can drain continuously or be collected in the 4.3L tank. 

  • Removes up to 20L of water a day;
  • Prevents damp and mildew;
  • Can be set to dehumidify constantly;
  • Can set a target humidity level;
  • In-built timer;
  • Has a Quiet Mode feature;
  • Child-lock feature;
  • Uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant;
  • 4.3L tank capacity that turns the machine off once full;
  • Electronic display that is easy to operate;
  • Optional continuous drainage.