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Tropic Coco Mix 70/30 Mix 50L


Tropic Cocomix

70% Coco 30% Perlite

Enhanced with 30% perlite, our premium coco offers the perfect balance of aeration, drainage, and water retention. Perlite helps water travel deeper into the substrate, boosting nutrient absorption and increasing drainage efficiency.

Its highly porous structure promotes oxygenation to support healthy root growth. A naturally low EC gives you full control over plant nutrition, allowing you to fine-tune your feed to maximize growth and ensure consistent results.

This fully sustainable medium suits a wide range of plants and growing methods.

Key Features:

  • Premium 70/30 Cocomix
  • Superior Drainage 
  • Maximum Aeration 

 PH: 5,8 (5,3-6,3) 

EC: 0,8 (0,6-1,0) mS/CM