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Amaid High Pressure In line Filter


Complete High Pressure Filter 100 Micron
These Inline High Pressure Filters are perfect for use with all high pressure drippers.

How it works
The main function of this high pressure filter is to catch any sediment from nutrient or scale build from hard water which will help to avoid blocked drippers. It also serves to presssurise the dripper lines and can even aerate the nutirent solution. It has a tap at the bottom of the filter which  pressurise or de pressurise your system depending on how many drippers your using, as water comes out of the tap very quickly this adds oxygen to your nutrient solution.

They are used with 19mm(internal) LDPE pipe and feature a removeable 100 micron filter screen for easy cleaning. 

This is the complete assembly ready for use with high pressure drippers systems.

Includes a 13mm to 3/4″ tail connector, 2 x compression nut and caps.

Always make sure that the water flow follws the arrow on the filter.

  • Used to pressurise high pressure dripper systems
  • Suitable for 19mm HP systems
  • Removable filter piece
  • Screw fittimng for secure fit