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Atami Rokzbastic


Get Rock Hard Fruits and Flowers with Atami Rokzbastic 100ml

Looking for a boost to your flowers and fruits? Atami Rokzbastic is a flowering booster that can be used to produce firmer flowers and fruits.

Firmer Fruits and Flowers

Rokzbastic gives a huge boost of phosphorus and potassium to your plants to firm up your fruits and flowers. It guarantees bigger yields for gardeners at harvest time.

This is great news for your fruits, vegetables and herbs - like chilli peppers, strawberries and blueberries. It’s also great for ornamental plants like orchids.

A Massive PK Boost and PGR Free

The unique Atami formula gives your plants a massive boost of phosphorus and potassium right when they need it. Used at the beginning of the flowering stage all the way through to ripe fruits and flowers, it will make a massive difference to your indoor garden.

Rokzbastic is also PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) Free. Meaning that there is nothing nasty about this booster and it wont give your blooms a synthetic taste.

How to use Rokzbastic?

Rokzbastic has been designed to be used throughout the flowering stage. Dilute to a concentration of 0.5 - 1ml of nutrient solution per 1L of water and mix thoroughly. Apply throughout the final 5-6 weeks of flowering and continue to use until your fruits and flowers are ripe.

Owing to its unique PK solution, using it with any other PK booster may lead to overfeeding. It can be used with any non-PK flowering boosters along the Atami range for ever better results.

When using Rokzbastic don’t forget to carefully monitor the electric conductivity (EC) of your nutrient solution, using this booster will cause the EC level of your solution to increase.

Where to use Rokzbastic?

The latest additive from Atami is highly versatile and is suitable for both use in automatic or manual irrigation. In addition it works across every growing media including; soil, hydro and coco coir. It is the perfect addition to your nutrient mix in your hydroponics reservoir.

Why choose Atami Rokzbastic?

  • International award winner of the Best Fertiliser Award;
  • Rock hard fruits and flowers;
  • Unique phosphorus and potassium ratios;
  • PGR free;
  • Works alongside other nutrients;
  • Suitable for all growing media.