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Adjust-A-wings Avenger Miro Silver Reflector - Large

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The Adjust-A-Wings Avenger is a set of glass coated Miro aluminium wings offering 98% reflectivity.

With 4 adjustable positions to match to the lamps, the Adjust-A-Wings Avenger gives incredible versatility by allowing growers to change the spread pattern given by the reflector.

A heat shield is included which helps eliminate hot spots allowing the reflector to be positioned much closer to the plant

  • Simple, flexible design
  • 4 parabolic wing positions for versatility of light spread
  • Made with high end super reflective materials offering 98% reflectivity!
  • Adjustable lamp-holder height for even greater control over light-spread
  • Increase grow area by up to 75% by adjusting the defector to its maximum spread

Adjust-A-wing Avenger Miro Silver Reflector - Large

Adjust-A-wing Avenger Miro Silver Reflector is a double open ended parabolic with centre V shape to maximise light spread and reflectivity without producing hot spots, which can damage plants, the special flexible glass coating that covers the reflector makes the Adjust-A-wing Avenger super reflective.

The reflected light footprint given by the Avenger can be widened or narrowed by using the two wingspan adjustment cables attached. The ceramic lamp holder provided is heat resistant and is positioned to mount lamps horizontally, the height of the lamp holder is also adjustable and come with a slot cut out that allows for a heat shield to be fitted enabling the reflector to be positioned closer to plants. The Avenger reflectors spine has two convenient hanging points for easy positioning above plants.

Note – Suitable for use with HPS & MH lamps up to a maximum power of 1000w.

Contents –

  •                      Adjust-A-wing Avenger Reflector
  •                      2 x Wingspan adjustment cables
  •                      Heat shield Lamp holder with IEC cable x 5m