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Wilma 8 Large Wide - 120L Tank

Wilma System Size

Wilma 8 Pot System Large Wide

Wilma systems combine the simplicity of growing in pots with the advantage of timer automated feeding. This intelligent system enables even novice grower to grow healthy plants with little effort.

The Wilma system is one of the GrowStores most popular hydroponics systems, although it's a re-circulating hydroponic system it also enables you to use a wide range of growing mediums such as soil, clay, coco, pebbles and Rockwool. Our personal recommendation is to use clay pebbles with the Wilma system as this will help provide extra aeration to the root zone and further simplifies the setup.
The Wilma system provides the perfect transition from hand-watering your soil based plants to using an active hydroponic system.

Choose one of our timers and you will have an even further freedom to schedule feeding and watering times.

Key features of the Wilma Large Wide System include:

Dimensions - 170cm x 75cm

Fits neatly into a 2.4m x 1.2m grow tent

Flood and arrow drippers
Can be used with almost any grow medium
Automated feeding
Simple pot based planting – effortless replanting