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UGRO XL Coco Block - 70L


UGRO XL Coco Block

Compressed Coco coir blocks are ideal for transporting when space is a premium and there is no room for larger bags.

The UGro coco is washed, buffered and enriched with  endomycorrhizae before packing to ensure that its top quality and  Ph stable. UGRO coco provides an environmentally safe and economical grow medium which can a hold high volume of water but will still allow air to move unrestricted through it, providing oxygen for roots.

UGRO Coco is free of soil-borne diseases and naturally contains Trichoderma, a friendly fungus that will get to work protecting roots from root rot. UGRO Coco is a natural product and can be safely disposed of, it can also be used in compost or garden beds.

The UGRO coco block will expand to approximately 11L.

Simply place coco blocks in a large container and add water until they become soft, then break them up and mix more water until the block has fully expanded.