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Trim Bag – Portable Dry Trimmer


Trim Bag – Portable  Dry Trimmer

The Trim Bag is perfect to help cut trim time down when trimming a big harvest. Trimming down a harvest can be extremely tiring and a task you dread to even think about doing. However, portable Trim Bag will solve this problem. With a simple shaking in different rotations it will remove any excess leaf matter from your dried product. This means you have more time and it will save you from finger aches and scissor blisters that most growers complain about. 

Trim Bag works through friction which gets rid of leaves when being rotated around the fabric drum. This delicate friction breaks off leaf matter when rotating. This will leave you with two piles of material, one will be waste and leaf product and the other will be your de-leafed flowers. The Trim Bag will not effect the majority of the essential oils which means it is not only saving you time but it is also keeping the best of your end product intact.


• Cut down trimming times from hours to a matter of minutes
• Includes a bladeless design meaning you do not have to buy replacement parts
• Easy to use and super lightweight
• Can be flattened for easier storage
• Great value for money