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G.A.S. SystemAir Super Silent Stratos AC Fan


Revolution Stratos 315mm AC

The most powerful AC fans on the market, the Super Silent AC Revolution 315, delivers incredible air flows to your grow room environment.
In development for several years by industry leader Systemair, the Super Silent Revolution AC range unites the reliability and durability of AC motors with virtually no noise.
Manufactured in Europe and quality tested, Super Silent Revolution AC fans utilise an aerodynamically optimised impeller and special guide vanes to give you much larger air flows, losing very little pressure when used in conjunction with a carbon filter.
At a more affordable price than their EC counterpart, Super Silent Revolution AC fans come in a sealed steel housing, preventing leaks and ensuring it runs as quietly as possible. Creating the perfect extractor fan for your indoor cultivation environment.

  • Flow optimised free running plastic axial impeller
  • The impeller is balanced to reduce vibration and noise
  • No overheating with thermal motor protection
Maintenance free and reliable quality – made in Europe