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G.AS. Systemair Revolution Stratos


Systemair Revolution Stratos In-line Duct Fans

The Systemair Revolution Stratos In-line Duct Fan is used to control key air conditions such as humidity, temperature, and a fresh supply of CO2 to plants within the grow room.

Systemair Revolution Stratos fans are a leap forward in design from the old Systemair RVK fan with its aerodynamic impellors and guide air vanes making it super powerful yet exceptionally quiet. Powerful and lightweight, the Revolution Stratos fan is designed for inline operation between ducting, they’ve got a 25mm long spigot connections and are ideal for moving high volumes of air quickly.

Systemair Revolution Stratos fans have very low SFP (Specific Fan Power) values, a bit like powerful torque in a car, and very high efficiency meaning that they don’t loose much power in longer ducting lengths.