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Sunblaster T5 Nanotech Kit


SunBlaster T5 Nanotech Kit

The SunBlaster T5 Nanotech reflector kit is an excellent versatile unit that is not only good for cuttings and seedlings but they also link together, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8 per single power cord. They can be used as supplemental overhead and side lighting, as well as additional light for tall plants when hung vertically, their slim design allows them to fit virtually anywhere you need more light.  The SunBlaster comes with clips for hanging, simply snap on to the top of the reflector and position.

With over 10,000 hours lifespan, they’re worth every penny! Note – After the Maxibright LightWave T5 is switched on it will run hot. Before handling, fixtures should be switched off, disconnected and allowed to cool down. All T5 lamps need to be handled with care, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care should be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion.

Contents –

  • SunBlaster electronic ballast with hanging clips
  • Blue spectrum 6400K fluorescent lamp
  • Power cord with on/off switch