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SunKing Parabolic Reflector - Silver LRG 100cm


Sun king Parabolic Reflector Silver LRG 100cm

The Sunking Parabolic Reflector is an aluminium umbrella style design, which allows HID lamps to be positioned vertically. A vertical lamp position will generate a more uniform spread of light with lower canopy temperatures.

The reflector surface is powder coated white making it highly reflective and the top plate is vented allowing heat from lamps to escape upwards away from the plant canopy. The ceramic lamp holder provided is heat resistant and is positioned to mount lamps horizontally or vertically.

Contents -  8 x Reflector panels, 1 x Bag of nuts & bolts, 1 x HID lamp holder with two hanging brackets 1 x top plate, 1 x 3.75m IEC Cord.

Note – Suitable for use with HPS & MH lamps up to a maximum power of 1000w.