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Square Plastic Plant Pots


Square Plastic Plant Pots

The plain square plant pot will always be a regular with growers. We stock a range of sizes that are robust, strong, and will last for years.

Square pots have the advantage that they can be placed next to each other tightly leaving no gaps, this is great for making the best use of your growing space, proving to be ideal for bringing on small plants.

As plants get bigger and need more width to grow just move the pots apart or move them on to your flowering room. If you want an improved model, try our air pruning pots, you will see the size difference in plants and notice an increase in yield. Just by changing pot!

Air Pruning pots will automatically prune roots when they reach the outside of the pot, plants then send out more roots, which will again be pruned, this cycle is repeated again and again creating a massive root mass within a relatively small container.

It's also hard to over water plants in an air pruning pots and with increased yields, these pots are a best seller at the GrowStore