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SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5amp Single Fan Speed - Mk2


Controlling the environment in your grow room is on of the biggest challenges an indoor grower will face.

To give plants the best possible chance of producing a high yield conditions need to be controlled and maintained at optimal levels, any stale Co2 depleted air must be removed and replaced with fresh Co2 rich air, temperature and humidity must also be controlled and kept at optimal levels.

Using a fan speed controller will make this job more manageable. The SMSCOM Smart Fan Speed Controller 6.5 Amp is a plug and play fan controller, so no wiring is needed, just plug in your fan and manually adjust fan speed. Its crucial that fans always need to run fast enough to remove and replenish CO2 in the grow room, without this growth, will be stunted and slow.

The SMSCOM Smart Fan Speed Controller allows growers to reduce the running speed of the attached fan maintaining a steady flow of fresh Co2 rich to the grow room. Digital fan speed controllers like the SMSCOM Smart Fan Speed Controller 6.5 Amp are a cost effective way to control grow room fans, the drawback to using this type of controller is that fans may make a humming sound. This is because they use pulse width modulation to regulate fan speed, basically switching fans on and off super fast which controls there overall output speed.

If noise is a problem, then we highly recommend SMScom Hybrid Fan Speed Controllers, which run completely silent, to do this they use heavyweight transformers to regulate the power supplied to fans, controlling fan speed smoothly and silently. T

he 6.5 Amp fan speed controller can be upgraded with the addition of the plug-in SMSCom thermostat (not included). This upgrade will allow the speed of your fan to increase if the temperature goes over the temperature set by the user.


Please Note- Max Load – 6.5 Amps