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SMSCom Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Controller


SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Mechanical Fan Controller

Controlling the environment in your grow room is on often biggest challenges an indoor grower will face. To give plants the best possible chance of producing a high yield, conditions need to be controlled and maintained at optimal levels. Any stale Co2 depleted air must be removed and replaced with fresh Co2 rich air, temperature and humidity must also be controlled and kept at optimal levels. Using a thermostatic fan speed controller will make this job easier to manage.  

The Hybrid Pro Controller combines mechanical fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature sensing technology. The result is a completely silent, twin fan speed controller with highly accurate temperature control. The Hybrid Controller has a 5m temperature probe, allowing the unit to be positioned in any convenient location.

To activate the sensor, remove the protective cap - the SMS Hybrid Pro will automatically detect the night cycle. During the night cycle, without the heat from lighting, fans will usually run at the minimum setting. This will often cause a build up of humidity, to prevent this the Hybrid Pro increases fan output levels by one setting for 7 minutes every hour. This will reduce humidity build up and reduce the risk of grow room infections such as botrytis (rot) or other mould issues. If you need to use the Pro feature, simply deactivate it by replacing the light sensor cap.

The mechanical aspect guarantees a robust and heavy duty controller with completely silent fan speed operation. The on-board temperature control software provides faster reaction times, lower idling speeds and improved accuracy for the very best result from this type of controller. The Hybrid Controller is very easy to operate. Just connect your fans and position the probe inside the room.

Next, set the lowest speed for both fans and the required temperature. The controller will now maintain your temperature by automatically adjusting the fans between the controller's lowest and highest settings.

- Completely Silent Fan Speed Operation - Zero humming from extractors - Highly accurate temperature control - Automatic and Manual settings - Easy to operate - 5 metre NTC Temperature probe - 5 Step Fan Speed Control - 8 Amps or 4600 m3/hr - 5 Year Warranty