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Shogun PK Warrior 9-18


Shogun PK Warrior 9-18

The Growstore has noticed that many top growers don’t necessarily stick to one nutrient brand but instead pick the best from each range making an elite nutrient line up. With Shogun Nutrients, they have done this for you, each product in the range is outstanding and can compete with the very best of the alternatives on the market.

UK made Shogun Fertilisers have gone back to the drawing board bringing modern plant nutrient technology together with years of growing experience to produce a remarkably rounded and complete nutrient range. - One of the best nutrients lines that money can buy.

Shogun PK Warrior 9-8 contains SmartZen an exclusive additive that sets it apart from other nutrients, making it unique. SmartZen is a blend of sterols, tannin lignans, lipids and hydrocarbons. Together, they give a huge increase in photosynthesis and lower any heat stress.

These ingredients are not found in any other base nutrient, yet they have been shown to increase yields by 6-8%. Shogun PK Warrior 9-18 is the outstanding additive that gives flowers exactly what they need as they need it.

The all-important ratio of 9/18 - for every 100 parts of undiluted feed, 9 parts are phosphorus and 18 parts are potassium, stimulates essential oil production to the point where there's a massive visible increase in density.

Flowers and fruits will be rock hard and heavy.

Shogun PK Warrior 9-18 Feed Rate – 0.5ml - 1ml/Litre from week 4 of Bloom until Final flash.