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Shogun Geisha Foliar Feed


Shogun Geisha Foliar Feed

Geisha Foliar has been blended using unique foliar additives, which work to create a greater number of high quality flowering sites.

These high quality sites help to maximise final crop weight. Shogun Geisha foliar feed has been designed to work in both grow and bloom cycle.

When used during the growth stage, more flowering sites are developed, and plant metabolism is increased.

When used during bloom, fruit and flower growth is accelerated with Geisha acting as boost which causes metabolic pathways within your plant to be stimulated improving yield and increasing quality.

Note - Foliar feed before your lights switch on or in low lighting to avoid burning plants.

Take care to keep liquids and away from lighting and other electrical equipment. Shogun Geisha Foliar Feed is ready to use and requires no dilution and has been designed for use in both Grow and Bloom.