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Root!t Heat Mat


ROOT!T Heat Mat

Using a ROOT!T heat mat is a simple way to maintain a constant temperature inside an unheated propagator. Heating propagators is best when the room you are using is too cold. ROOT!T heat mats have a thermostat that is set to a single optimum temperature for plants to thrive. Control over this temperature is achieved by using a ROOT!T Thermostat For Heat Mats. Available separately.

To root cuttings effectively they need to be in a closed environment, this enables control fragile young plants growing environment, a high humidity environment is needed to prevent your cuttings from wilting and dying. Humidity can then be reduced as the cuttings begin to root and become able to take on water through the newly formed root system.


Small – 250mm x 350mm

Medium – 400mm x 600mm 

Large – 400mm x 1200mm