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Roof Qube Tent

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What is the Roof Qube Tent?

The Roof Qube Tents are compact roof-Qube grow rooms specifically developed for low ceiling height applications which makes them perfect for attics and basements. It has a lower height of 1.8m and an angular roof of 42 degrees to fit in lofts and roof spaces. It comes with durable and quality materials that were built to last with innovative

What is the use of the Roof Qube Tent?

Growing in a grow tent requires full control over the environment. With The Roof Qube Tents, you have all the

features you wish for in a grow tent. Features an XREFLECT diamond cut Mylar

for ultra reflectivity with fewer hotspots creating an optimum environment for

the plants.

How does Roof Qube Tent work?

The Roof Qube Tents use a powder-coated super-strength steel frame of 16m poles and corners which earns it

durability and the ability to support 100kg. The robust metal corners come

with a click and connect feature for easy assembly.

Why would I need Roof Qube Tent?

Using the Roof Qube Tents grants easy installation. It features a push & click pole assembly and metal corner connectors, which makes the installation a quick hassle-free process with guaranteed stable results. The Roof Qube Tents comes with tougher 10-gauge military zips, and it is a waterproof material as well.

Description and components:

  • Strong tempered steel black
  • powder-coated poles in 16mm.
  • Heavy-duty metal click lock corner connectors.
  • Tough military grade zips.
  • XREFLECT diamond cut Mylar for ultra reflectivity.
  • Comes in 2 sizes:

                                    Ø  1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m

                                    Ø  1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8m

How to install Roof Qube Tent?

  • Follow the given instructions to construct the frame poles in the instruction sheet.
  • Fit the Fabric to the constructed poles and then pull them up to cover the whole frame.


Roof Qube Tents:

Roof Qube tents are designed to fit into rooms with low ceiling height or loft space. Every single detail of the Roof Qube tent has been designed to make the growing environment the perfect for your plants. As an example, the hanging rails and poles are remarkably strong, allowing heavy-duty fans and filters of up to 100Kg to be supported.

The canvas, stitching and zips are also outstanding quality. Everything about the Roof Qube tents is designed to make your growing experience easier.