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Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan

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What is the Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan?

The Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan is an inline hydroponic silenced (electronic commutated) EC fan that uses EC motors that combine AC and DC to create a powerful and quiet fan designed to generate huge pressure levels, to use less energy and to offer increased control.

What is the use of the Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan?

Growing in a grow tent requires maintaining optimum climate conditions. With The Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan, you can move huge masses of air in the grow room silently with low energy consumption to help replicate the stall air as it generates huge pressure levels. It also offers a high level of efficiency and controllability.  

How does Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan work?

The Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan extracts the hot stale air from inside the grow tent to help control the grow tent temperature and provide optimum climate conditions for the plants to grow. It can be regulated to operate from 0-100 % of its power which gives the growers full control on the environment and also saves energy. 

Why would I need Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan?

Using an extraction system with the Rhino Ultra Silent EC fan is an overall upgrade to the grow tent as it offers great efficiency with minimal energy consumption and very high accurate controllability. It comes with an EC motor which makes the mission of extracting a great volume of air while still maintaining a silent performance is the default. It uses dampening foam to reduce the noise level even when running at the maximum speed. Even when connected to a carbon filter or a lengthy ducting, the powerful airflow that the EC motor generate takes the power loss to a minimal amount.

Description and components:

  • Can be regulated from 1% - 100% with 1% increments for maximum control of the environment.
  • Compatible with RJ45 and 3 pin controllers using the adaptors supplied. A jack plug can be used by plugging directly into the fan.
  • Includes Varispeed controller.
  • Built with extra casing and noise dampening foam to keep sound levels to an absolute minimum.
  • Highly efficient – produces greater airflow levels per watt of electricity.
  • Comes in an impeller design that streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line, lowering the friction against sidewalls of ducting.
  • A single piece body that is completely airtight allows the movement of a great volume of air without losing pressure.
  • Comes complete with wall hanging bracket
  • Comes in various sizes:

                                    Ø 150mm - 6" 530m3/hr.

                                    Ø 200mm - 8" 1205m3/hr.

                                    Ø 250mm – 10” 1800m3/hr.


How to install Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan?

  • Connect the fan to the controller using the connecting cables provided with the controller.
  • Adjust the fan speed required using the Varispeed controller.
  • Adjust the maximum room temperature required.
  • The controller will maintain the temperature below the maximum by controlling the fan speed accordingly.