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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters


Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

  • What is the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter?

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is an air carbon filter using the activated carbon in filtering the air in the grow room environment from any odors.

  • What is the use of the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter?

It is mainly used in filtering the air from odors and impurities.

  • How does Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter work?

It captures the odor molecules in the air by letting the air pass through the large pores of the outer mesh of the filter and get trapped and absorbed by the carbon bed.

  • Why would I need Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter?

One of the major downsides of growing indoors is the odors that the plants are giving off as it can make the indoor environment uncomfortable, and here is where the carbon filters come to the rescue as it filters the air from any odors or impurities.

Description and components:

• 30 mm bed of Australian mined RC412 granular activated carbon.

• A light 1.6 aluminium top and base.

• A fully reversible neck is recommended for reversing the neck every 8-12 weeks.

• 9-12 months lifespan.

How to install Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter?

• Attach the filter to a matching extractor fan.

• Put the pre-filter on to keep any large particles or dust out of the filter

• Connect the fan to the ducting and install it in the designated place or window to carry the filtered air outside your grow space.

The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter gives an approximate lifespan of 9-12 months


                              Filter Size     Air Volume     Fan Type

Rhino Hobby          100x300      350m3/hr        4" A1/L1

Rhino Hobby          125x300       500m3/hr        5" A1

Rhino Hobby          150x300       600m3/hr        6" A1

Rhino Hobby          150x600       600m3/hr        6" L1

Rhino Hobby           200x400      900m3/hr        8" A1

Rhino Hobby           200x600     1125m3/hr        8" L1

Rhino Hobby            250x600    1420m3/hr       10" A1