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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters


Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

Clearing stale air and removing unwanted odours from your growing area are an important task, one that can make or break a crop.
Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters are manufactured to the highest standards and only use top quality virgin carbon so you can be rest assured of the highest quality product, in fact, Rhino Hobby Filters are packed with the same high-quality Australian mined RC412 carbon as the Rhino Pro Filter range.

A 30mm carbon bed is tightly packed into the airflow cylinder making it highly effective at attracting and scrubbing the air clean of pollutants.
To maximise the Rhino Hobby carbon filters lifespan you’ll find an interchangeable bottom and duct-coupler included, this should be turned around every 8-12 weeks to give even wear to the carbon ensuring the filters perform to their full capacity.

The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter gives an approximate lifespan of 9-12 months