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AirFan Mixed Flow AC Inline Fan


What is the RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan?

The RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan is an inline duct (Alternative Current) AC fan that is made and developed by the industry leader Global Air Supplies G.A.S. It uses a durable AC motor to create a powerful and quiet fan designed to generate huge pressure levels moving masses of air to maintain the optimum grow environment.

What is the use of the RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan?

Growing in a grow tent requires maintaining optimum climate conditions. With The RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan you can move huge masses of air in the grow room to help replicate the stall air as it generates huge pressure levels while maintaining low noise. It also comes at an affordable price which makes it a great fit for beginners.

How does RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan work?

The RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan extracts the hot stale air from inside the grow tent to help control the grow tent temperature and provide optimum climate conditions for the plants to grow. With its angled impeller blades and the guide vanes it generates larger airflow with high pressure while maintaining a low noise performance by directing the air in a perfectly straight line.

Why would I need RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan?

Using an extraction system with The RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan is an overall upgrade to the grow tent as it comes at an affordable price for an entry-level grower. It is built in a sealed robust housing with built in mounting brackets made for easy installation. The angled impeller blades generate a huge airflow which teams up with the guide to maintain the high levels of pressure and airflow even when used with a lengthy ducting or a carbon filter.

Description and components:

  • Affordable and cost-efficient fit for beginners.
  •  Angled impeller with the guide vanes for a high pressured airflow and a low noise performance.
  • Robust sealed body with built-in removable mounting brackets for easy installation and cleaning.
  • IEC connections for easy installation.
  • Flange for easy installation.
  • Comes in various sizes:

                                     Ø  100mm – 4”-200m3/hr

                                     Ø  125mm – 5”-200m3/hr

                                     Ø  150mm – 6”-500m3/hr

                                     Ø  200mm – 8”-850m3/hr

                                     Ø  250mm – 10”-1500m3/hr

                                     Ø  315mm – 12”-2300m3/hr

How to install RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan?

  • Use the mounting brackets to mount them in the required location.
  • The RadaAir Mixed Flow Inline Fan installation is so simple, just connect the fan to the ducting and plug it.
  • If connected to a carbon filter it has to have the same airflow rate as the fan.
  • These fans are powered by a 13amp iec power lead which will need to be bought seperately