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Quick Qube Grow Tent


What are Quick Qube Grow Tents?

Quick Qube Tent is the new concept of grow tents, with the pop-up Quick Qube it can be put up and taken down within minutes as it comes already connected ready to pull out and extend up. Providing an adapted industrial gazebo frame with all the strength and rigidity needed in addition to the easy and fast setup.

What is the use of the Quick Qube Grow Tent?

Quick Qube Tents comprises a lightweight 40mm x 1.4mm anti-corrosive aluminium frame with ultimate durability that can handle a hanging weight of up to 150 kg. It comes with a one-year frame guarantee.

How does Quick Qube Grow Tent work?

Quick Qube Tents uses no connectors or corners, just one easy setup kit so you don’t mislay a pole or a corner again. It also doesn’t include any floor poles, just 4 adjustable legs which allow you to maximize the space available for your plants and grow equipment.

Why would I need a Quick Qube Grow Tent?

Using Quick Qube Tents’ outer shell is extremely durable with military-style blackout 10 gauge zips. It is waterproof and it also comes with a double zip mechanism. The outer shell also comprises of non-toxic PVA Oxford canvas with XREFLECT diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof.  Together with double socked cable, extraction and intake ports, StitchBLOCK with Tritec foam technology on all ports and rubber backing on all zips. with double stitching throughout the tent for more stability and strength and extra light proofing.

Description and components:

  • Strong lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Green tented windows to prevent light leaks.
  • Durable and tough non-toxic PVA canvas.
  • Tough military grade double zips.
  • Xreflect diamond Mylar lining 98% lightproof.

How to install Quick Qube Grow Tent?

  • Follow the given instructions to construct the frame poles in the instruction sheet.
  • Fit the Fabric to the constructed poles, and then pull them up to cover the whole frame.


Upgraded industrial gazebo frame
Put up and collapse in minutes
Hanging weight of over 100kg
No connectors or poles to assemble
Lightweight aluminium 1.4mm thick frame
Adjustable legs and height
Neat and easy storage – no chance of losing poles
1-year frame guarantee
Maximise floor space with no intruding floor poles
Green-Qube’s class-leading outer shell with all features

Watch the GAME CHANGING Quick-Qube Grow Tent Pop-Up!

New Quick-Qube Grow Tent From Green-Qube