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Pyrethrum - 5EC - 250ml


What is Pyrethrum - 5EC?

Pyrethrum - 5EC - 250ml is a natural based insecticide of Pyrethrum used in killing insects with edible and non-edible crops leaving no toxic residue.

What is the use of Pyrethrum - 5EC?

Pyrethrum - 5EC - 250ml is used against all garden insects and can be used in any grow system with any grow medium. It is also marked as safe to use with organic and non-organic farming.

How does Pyrethrum - 5EC work?

Pyrethrum - 5EC - 250ml uses Pyrethrum as its active ingredient which is a natural oil-based insecticide that targets the respiratory organ and the nervous system of insects. It is also marked as the safest insecticide for use around food.

Why would I need Pyrethrum - 5EC?

Pyrethrum - 5EC - 250ml can be used indoors and outdoors against many types of insects like Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Scale Bugs, Wool Bug, Mealybug, Beetles and Caterpillars.

Description and components

  • A natural based insecticide.
  • Safe to use with food crops.
  • Leaves no toxic residue.
  • Used as a foliar spray.

How to install Pyrethrum - 5EC?

  • Dilute 4ml/litre to use as a spray.
  • Use during the dark cycle.
  • Repeat after 14 days for consistency.


Pyrethrum is a naturally-derived, professional-grade pesticide that attacks the nervous system of a wide spectrum of pest insects.

Pyrethrum 5EC kills aphids, fruit flies, fungus gnats, greenflies, spider mites, ticks, tobacco beetles, whitefly, blackfly, springtails, moths and many other garden pests.

Pyrethrum 5EC is registered as suitable for organic and non-organic farming as it kills pests quickly, leaves no toxic residue and edible food crops can be safely harvested only 24 hours after application.

Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural insecticide made from dried Chrysanthemum flowers and it is registered as suitable for both organic and non-organic farming.



  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for use on food crops.
  • Naturally derived insecticide.
  • Leaves no toxic residue.
  • Kills almost all garden pests.
  • Can be used in any grow system with any substrate.