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Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate


Puro­lyt is a dis­in­fect­ant con­cen­trate which is used in pro­fes­sion­al hy­giene man­age­ment for dis­in­fec­tion of sur­faces, equip­ment/tools, wa­ter/li­quids and air. Puro­lyt’s prin­ciple of op­er­a­tion is sim­il­ar to the way the hu­man body fights off bac­teria and vir­uses.

When the im­mune sys­tem de­tects a threat, white blood cells are ac­tiv­ated which cre­ate an an­ti­mi­cro­bi­al sub­stance called hy­po­chlor­ous acid (HOCL). HOCL is also the act­ive in­gredi­ent in Puro­lyt.

It is sci­en­tific­ally proven that HOCL has ex­tremely ef­fi­cient dis­in­fect­ing prop­er­ties Puro­lyt ef­fect­ively des­troys bac­teria, fungi, vir­uses and al­gae and suc­cess­fully pre­vents the emer­gence of biofilms in ir­rig­a­tion sys­tems.