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Plant Magic Plus Granules

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Plant Magic plus Granules

Plant Magic is a UK based company specialising in grow mediums, nutrients boosters and stimulants.

The Plant Magic Old Timer organic is particularly popular, proving that quality is King. You will probably notice a lot more of these granules and powders coming on the market these days. But it’s with good reason, because they are excellent at what they do for your plant.

Plant Magic plus Granules is a granular inoculant comprised of Mycorrhizal fungi, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms. When added to soil or coco, Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with roots, breaking down elements and making them more available to plants whilst feeding on the carbs that the plants produce. Think of them as a root extension, increasing nutrient uptake and speed of development.

Microorganisms form a barrier against fungal pathogens such as fusarium and pythium, whilst bio-stimulants balance and co-ordinate biological activity.

Plant Magic plus Granules mix rate - Scatter around the new potting hole when moving plants into bigger pots - Use at every stage of potting up This additive will give outstanding performance in all areas, amazing natural flavours, increased yields, improved plant health and increased micro-population making for high quality plants with sweet aromas. A very popular brand in the UK, with products like Evolution, Magne - Cal, Boosting Powder and Platinum Boost things can only go from strength to strength.