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Plant Magic Bio-Wetter


Plant Magic Bio-Wetter Plant Magic is a UK based company specialising in grow mediums, nutrients, boosters and stimulants. The Plant Magic Old Timer organic is particularly popular, proving that quality is King. Plant Magic Bio-Wetter is a natural wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant, is designed to be added to foliar spray nutrients and pesticides the wetting action reduces the surface tension of water so that, foliar spray mix will spread across leaf surfaces, improving the uptake of nutrients and improving the effectiveness of pesticides. When used in grow mediums as a drench, Bio-Wetter makes it easier for dry medium to absorb water reducing dry spots and increases nutrients absorption and the activity of the friendly microbes. A very popular brand in the UK, with products like Evolution, Magne Cal, Boosting Powder and Platinum Boost things can only go from strength to strength. Plant Magic Bio-Wetter mix rate – 1.5ml/Lite Foliar feed before your lights go on or in low lighting to avoid burning plants. Take care to keep liquids and away from HID Lighting and other electrical equipment.