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Plagron Power Roots


Plagron Power Roots Plagron is Dutch Company that produces excellent substrates and fine nutrients to use alongside. Additives like Green Sensation and Sugar Royal are top performers leaving growers with increased quality and yield. Plagron Power Roots is root stimulator for use in the growth cycle and early flowering. Power Roots is fast absorbing and immediately available to plants, made from ascorbic acid, seaweed extract, amino acids, nitrogen, thiamine, water soluble potassium oxide and phosphorus pentoxide, is will increase plant resistance and ensure fast root development. Professional Dutch growers use Plagron and are consistently rewarded with lush growth and prolific blooming with final yields that are maximised. When preparing your nutrient solution, be careful not mix them together in their concentrated form. Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix.

Plagron Power Roots feed rate – 1ml / Litre in the Growth Cycle