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Perfect pH Natural Ion pH Balancer

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The Perfect pH is a revolutionary pH stabiliser that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponics system or reservoir, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption. PH maintenance is an essential factor in any hydroponics setup. Without the plants being naturally rooted in the ground, excess alkalinity builds up in the system, creating a toxic environment for the plants. The perfect pH solves this by removing the positively-charged ions that cause this build up, creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.


  • Avoid excess pH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants immune system by removing excess toxic alkalinity build ups creating a perfect environment for plants.
  • Eliminates the need for chemical buffers, frequent resevoir changes, pests, wasted water/nutrients. It also helps increase yield.
  • In recirculating systems, Perfect pH will auto balance to 5.7 - 6.5 pH.
  • In non-recirculating systems, simply set your pH and Perfect pH and will keep it within ±10% range.


The perfect pH is designed for use in recirculating hydro systems. A user places the perfect pH in the reservoir tank of their system and the pH will be brought to and kept in a stabilised range. Within this range, the pH will be protected from risk of nutrient lockout, and the pH will remain in an ideal range for nutrient uptake. This range is typically between 5.7-6.5, as there is some variation depending upon what type of crop is being grown and what system specifications are being used.



The perfect pH works by using ion exchange to regulate the concentration of certain ions in the Nutrient Solution. pH is a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen (H+) ions to hydroxyl (OH-) ions. Attracting and regulating the concentration/charges of these ions regulate the pH of the nutrient solution. This regulation acts similar to how plants are grown in soil, as the ion beads in the perfect pH give an outlet for these ions to avoid building up to an unhealthy concentration. In addition to the pH being stabilised to the weak-acid range of the pH spectrum, the perfect pH also offers a variety of different benefits to the hydro system.


Balanced pH that does not require dosing of pH up or down solution to regulate, nor require frequent pH metering, saving users time and expense

Allows the nutrients to be more accessible to the plants: When excess hydrogen/hydroxyl ions build up, the plants’ “Cation Exchange Capacity” is diminished by these ions. By capturing them, to avoid building up in the solution, the plants are better able to uptake the nutrients they need, and thus give the plants better access to nutrients.

 Reduce the frequency of reservoir changes: As the plants have better access to the nutrients they need, the plants can make better use of the nutrients when they need them. In a system with excess H+ or OH- build up, the nutrient blockage to the plants create reservoir environment where nutrients go unused in the solution, and if addition nutrients are added they will often bind with the unused nutrients rather than the plants that need them. This build up creates a reservoir environment where the water has to be flushed frequently, even if chemical buffer, to clear this build up for the plants to grow efficiently again, has regulated the pH. By removing the source cause of pH swings (regulating the hydrogen/hydroxyl concentration), the plants will stay healthy in the reservoir water for longer periods of time. Because of this, a healthy, well-maintained hydro system using the perfect pH can go up to 6 weeks without a reservoir flush. This leads to several other positive effects:


Sizes currently to be offered are the 35gal model, 100gal model, and 250gal model to be used with their corresponding reservoir sizes.

  • Larger units can be used in small systems and the pH will stay stable for longer periods of time.
  • Another effect of using larger units in smaller systems is that it allows to pH regulation to be kept to an even tighter range
  • Smaller units can be used in larger systems but unit will need to be recharged more frequently.


The systems/specifications that are compatible with the pH are listed below:

  • SYSTEMS: For best results the current model perfectpH should be used with Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique, and Flood and Drain or combinations of these techniques. The device has been shown to work on some aeroponic systems but this has yet to be confirmed overall and is still in testing. Drip Systems are not recommended, as there is insufficient flow of water in these types. Please contact us if you are using a drain to waste system.
  • ADDITIVES: Typical mineral nutrients are recommended; organic nutrients (using live cultures) are not compatible. Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended due to its interaction with the ion composite, and if using silica it is recommended to use a brand that is pre-stabilized.
  • MEDIA: If using a media such as rockwool/Hydroton, media should pre-stabilised. Soil media is not compatible.


To maintain efficient use of the device, users need to periodically recharge it with the perfect pH Recharge Solution. We recommend users to recharge the device after 2-3 months of use, for the pH regulation to stay steady. To recharge the perfect pH, a user:

  1. Removes the unit from use in the reservoir
  2. Places the unit in capsule and adds recharge solution, until ion beads inside perfect pH are submerged
  3. Allows the unit to sit submerged for 2 hours
  4. Removes the unit from recharge solution, rinses with water and returns unit to use.