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ORCA Grow Film


What is the ORCA Grow Film?

ORCA Grow Film is made from threads of a high density specialized reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface topography. The resulting geometry of the microfibers and the submicron pores within the microfibers create a highly reflective and diffuse surface. Used for lining the grow spaces so it can defuse the light by reflecting it into the grow space instead of wasting it. It is tear-resistant and durable making it easy to work with.

How does ORCA Grow Film work?

ORCA Grow Film is used for lining the grow tent/room walls, with its thermally reflecting feature it keeps the heat inside at all times as it has a highly infrared reflectance. In addition to this, it is also UV protected as it blocks out harmful UV light which falls below 400nm or above 700nm.

Why would I need ORCA Grow Film?

ORCA Grow Film is the highest performing reflective surface in the hydroponic market. It is 94% reflective across all visible light spectrum with no colour shifting which means it reflects the same light colour that it receives. It also eliminates the hotspots inside the grow space with its microfiber build it distributes light evenly across the material surface.

Description and components:

  • 94% reflectivity.
  • 99% diffuse surface.
  • Durable, water-resistant and tear-resistant.
  • Light tight.
  • Thermally reflective.
  • No light colour shifting keeps the light colours as it originally was emitted.
  • UV protection against all harmful UV light.


ORCA Grow Film

ORCA Grow Film is incredibly reflective yet is a highly diffused surface that has been specifically designed to disseminate light equally across all your plants and reduce hot spots.

ORCA Grow Film is 94% reflective. Its reflective quality makes it the ideal film for your grow room and ensure that all the UV from your grow lights stay their original colour spectrum.

ORCA Grow Film is waterproof, tear-resistant, UV protected and incredibly durable.