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O'D - Air Ozone Generator


O'D - Air Ozone Generator The O'D - Air Ozone Generator is a dual function ioniser and ozone generator perfect for removing lingering smells in and outside your grow rooms. The ionising function helps to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and other airborne particles. The ozone function is used to produce advanced levels of Ozone that will destroy any unwanted smells. The O'D - Air Ozone Generator comes with airline and airstone so that the ozone generated can be fed into the water in your nutrient tank, this will kill any mould or bacteria making it safe for your plants. An excellent way to safeguard against root disease and Pythium. Note - In high quantities Ozone is harmful to humans and animals, the air leaving the O’D air should not be inhaled Note - The O'D - Air Ozone Generator should be used in conjunction with a carbon filter extraction system, it will not replace your extraction system.