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OCD Air Fresheners 750ml


OCD Deo-Max Aerosol Odour Eliminator sprays are a quick and easy way to get grow room odours under control. The subtle, powerful deodorizers will combat pungent, stubborn odours with a quick blast. Many other products simply mask odours with scent, making a horrible combination of bad odour and perfume. OCD sprays use complex organic odour molecules that neutralise bad smells which completely removes them from the environment.

Each can of OCD Deo-Max Aerosol contains 750ml, hence the large canister size. The larger size means the product will last longer than some other freshening sprays. At the moment we have Lemon and Orange scents.

There are many uses for these fresheners beyond the grow room. They are useful in many other odourous areas such as locker rooms, bin storage areas, toilets and so on.

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