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NFT Systems


NFT Systems

The NFT system is really the pioneer of the hydroponic grow system and remains one of the most cost effective ways to grow indoors hydroponically. In the NFT system,  plants are grown in a constant flow of nutrient rich solution.

Setting up an NFT system is relatively simple and cost effective requiring a tank, tank lid and a small pump.

Nutrient solution is spread out to flow at a slight incline at a depth of between 1-3mm running down the tank lid towards plants. After feeding plants the left over solution drops back into the tank reservoir where it is then pumped back to the top starting the cycle once again.

This flow of nutrients ensures that plants are feed contently, promoting a thick root mass that is then able to drive plants towards high yields.

All in all the NFT is a productive inexpensive system that we would recommend to first time hydroponic system buyers.