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Newa Therm Pro Heater


Newa Therm Pro Heater

The Newa Therm Pro Heater is the best way to keep your nutrient reservoir temperature in the sweet spot of between - 18c - 20c. When grow room lights switch off temperature often drop, in the cooler months this can become quite a problem, plant growth will slow down and nutrient absorption will be inhibited as the water temperature drops too low.

The Newa Therm heater comes fitted with an adjustable thermostat, and the all-important auto shut down feature, which switches the heater off when water levels drop and automatic restarts when re-submerged by tanks being refilled.

This safety feature becomes necessary when the Newa Therm Pro Heater is used in Hydroponic tanks and systems that constantly empty and refill. The Pro heater proves ideal for use in the grow room as is its outer casing is made from a reinforced polymer making almost unbreakable, a big improvement on the normal glass heaters normally found in many grow tanks.