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Newa Micro Jet Water Pump


Newa Micro Jet Water Pumps

Newa Micro Jet water pumps are excellent quality, they use little power and quiet with an exceptional flow-rate for their size. Even with their lightweight dimensions, our water pumps have flow rates as high as 450 litres per hour, which makes them more than capable of supplying numerous small to medium-sized hydroponic systems.

The filtering screen on the bottom of the pump inhibits impurities from transferring into irrigation pipework, decreasing the likelihood of blockages and enhancing levels of effectiveness when it comes to flow rate. Newa is top of the range when it comes to submersible pumps.

The Microjet is an excellent choice. Powerful but use low voltage. They come in various sizes to suit any applications there perfect for most DIY hydroponics systems. These pumps come as standard in NFT Gro-Tanks.