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NEWA Circulation Wave 2 Pump


Newa Wave 2,  for planted aquariums to improve water distribution. This model is adjustable which means you can use with small tanks all the way up to larger aquariums.

For tanks of 45-200L

In planted tanks CO2 is rarely distributed correctly and as a result, algae grows. Similarly with nutrient distribution water tends to move in only one direction from the filter - this simply isn't enough in a high tech tank. The addition of a Newa Circulation Pump solves this issue.



  • Very small - only 7x4cm
  • Sphere joint - adjustable flow direction (360 degrees)
  • Magnetic holder with ball joint
  • Self-cleaning
  • Uses a mere 2.6W of power and moves 3200 l/h


We regularly hear hobbyists who suffer from algae in their planted aquariums and don't realise the importance of a pump like the Newa Circulation Pump. As soon as it's placed in your aquarium it begins to work immediately. Moving CO2 around your tank is paramount to success and avoiding dead spots is equally important. Remote control not included with this pump (it's not needed anyway).

This product is small and unobtrusive and will blend in easily to your planted aquarium.


Cable length = 1.8m

Once you've used one you'll never look back. A must for any planted aquarium.