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Nano 10⁻⁹ Hydro Base + A+B | Nano 10-9


Nano enhanced base nutrient for increased uptake in hydro

nano.10-9 hydro base+ A+B is the foundation of the range. Made for hydro growers of all levels, it’s easy-to-use with highly available elements.

This provides optimum nutrition levels and a pH-balanced environment when growing in hydro. The nanoparticles in our hydro base+ A+B are suspended in water rather than dissolved, which means they are less likely to settle and cause blockages.

Suspending elements rather than dissolving them limits nutrients interacting in your tank, which dramatically reduces nutrient drop out, blockages, lockouts and pH fluctuations.

hydro base+ A+B contains calcium as a nanoparticle, increased amounts of this element during early-to-mid growth helps to build a more robust plant structure and in nanoparticle form it won’t hinder the uptake of other nutrients.