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Monkey Nutrients - Stress/Silicon


What are Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon?

Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon is a stable bio-available form of silicon (mono silicic acid). It has a great effect on the plants supporting them physically and protecting them from abiotic and biotic stresses. It is developed and made in the UK by UK growers after testing every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon?

Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon (mono silicic acid) is the natural form of silicon that is extremely beneficial for plant growth. It deposits directly on the plant cell which supports the plants physically. It also forms a shield around the cell to protect it from biotic and abiotic stresses. Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon also work on correcting nutrient imbalances by improving uptake efficiency which in turn reduce nutrient salt build up in the grow medium.

How do Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon work?

Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon build up on the outer walls of the plants’ cells when it is taken by the roots. It acts like cement between bricks as it affects the plants during times of abiotic stresses such as drought as it helps the plant keep its structure and shape. When the mono silicic acid enters the roots zone it increases the vascular pressure which moves heavy beneficial minerals such as calcium and enhances its absorption by the plants. With the support and protection mono silicic acid provides the plants, the plants acquire a defence response to bacterial, viral and fungal infections with giving the plants great immunity.

Why would I need Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon?

With Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon there will be a noticeable increase in the healthy new shoots and an increase in the lateral canopy growth which increases the chances of flowering in the bloom phase. It also reduces the spacing between the new shoots during the vegetative phase allowing for fuller and denser canopies. It provides great protection for the plants against abiotic stresses such as over and under watering, hot and cold stresses, as well as protection against pests and diseases.

Description and components:

  • Supports the plant physically to keep its shape.
  • Increase nutrient uptake and help to deliver beneficial minerals to the plant.
  • Manage nutrient imbalances and decrease nutrient salt build up in the medium.
  • Protect the plants against pests and diseases.
  • Made and developed in the UK
  • To be used with any irrigation system

How to use Monkey Nutrients – Stress/Silicon?

  • Monkey Nutrients – Root Shoot comes in a high concentration and it has to be diluted.

                       Ø  2ml/10 litre


Your shield against all things that can harm your plants.

The silicic acid with added folic acid gives your plants the armour to defend itself from attacks, and the ability to heal should any pest or disease manage to attack.
  Stress will make it harder for pests to identity your plant as a food source. It increases the strength of cell walls which makes it harder for moulds to thrive and also helps to regulate water loss during unwanted dry periods.

The added bonus is increased nutrient uptake, made possible by the plant’s ability to control water loss and absorption.

Use Stress throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles at a rate of 2ml per 10 litres. Stress is a highly concentrated product which will last a long time compared to most conventional silica products.

The cheeky monkey has also added in some folic acid to improve plant health which isn’t something you see in most silica products. 

When you give your plants Stress, they come out like Mandrills, the strongest type of monkey!