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Monkey Nutrients - Mag-Cal


What are Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal?

Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal is Magnesium and Calcium supplement for plants. They are two extremely important macronutrients and they are referred to as secondary nutrients. Calcium is required to provide strength to cell walls and Magnesium is essential in chlorophyll and photosynthesis.  It is developed and made in the UK by UK growers after testing every other plant nutrition in the market and choosing the best quality ingredients to stand out from the competition.

What is the use of Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal?

Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal is used to provide the plants with its required regular supply of Magnesium and Calcium for their growth. Especially for growers with filtered water which contains no minerals, Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal is required to avoid any deficiencies caused by lack of minerals.

How do Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal work?

Organic mediums like coco have negatively charged spots on their surface which makes them hold on to positively charged cations like Magnesium and Calcium, because of this the medium has to receive enough dose of positively charged cations like Mag-Cal so we can make sure that the plants will get its required dose of it.

Why would I need Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal?

Monkey Nutrients – Mag-Cal is responsible for providing the plants with Magnesium which is the main component of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is used in photosynthesis which the plants depend on to generate energy from light to produce food. Magnesium also has a role in enzyme activation of carbohydrate metabolism and translocation. As for Calcium, it gives the plants’ cells strength during their formation and it has a role to play in the cell’s membrane permeability.   

Description and components:

  • Contains Calcium which supports the plants’ cells.
  • Contains Magnesium which is crucial for photosynthesis and plant’s growth.
  • Made and developed in the UK.
  • To be used with any irrigation system.

Monkey Nutrients - Mag-Cal

Monkey Mag Cal is an important additive if you are growing using coco as the substrate, although you may find it necessary in other medias too. It provides a readily available source of calcium and magnesium, preventing deficiencies before they become apparent. These two vital elements are used up quicker in coco grows than soils, as soil naturally contains some already. A lack of magnesium and calcium will lead to all manner of issues and your end yield will be affected while the plant suffers the consequences.

Adding Mag Cal is a great way to maintain a healthy plant that can grow without restriction. Looking at the schedules below, you’ll notice that Mag Cal isn’t on there as it isn’t essential to the grow, except perhaps in coco. Therefore, just follow the manufacturers instructions on the bottle!

Monkey Nutrients are a UK company and all products are made here.